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Yamamoto® Nutrition - "PeptoBol®" - Hydrolysed Casein (PeptoPro®)

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"PeptoBol®" by Italian Yamamoto Nutrition. The purest form of hydrolysed casein on the market today. It is a nutritional supplement made for athletes who perform physically demanding, intense and prolonged exercise over time. Give your muscles the purest form of casein protein and experience the high quality of PeptoPro® today.

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    369,00 kr

    Varenummer: YAMAPEPTOBOL

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    Yamamoto Nutrition - "PeptoBol®" - Hydrolyzed Casein

    Hydrolyzed Casein Protein By Yamamoto Nutrition

    Italian Yamamoto Nutrition's "PeptoBol®" is the ideal supplement for athletes who perform intense and prolonged physical activity over time. The hydrolysates of protein are derived from casein (a milk protein that is characterized by its' slow digestion) that has been subjected to hydrolysis, which is an artifical process that can be (very basically) described as water being used to break down the bonds of a specific substance. In this case, the substance is protein molecules and hydrolysis makes the actual division of the peptide bonds of the protein molecules happen. This makes them significantly smaller in size, which for consumers means that they will be digested and absorbed much quicker by their bodies. 

    Usually, casein protein supplements provide a more slower release of amino acids to the blood stream, but becasue of the very process of hydrolysis that the "PeptoBol®" proteins have been subjected to, the di- and tripeptide amino acids can reach the blood stream much quicker. This is quite favorable when using a supplement like "PeptoBol®" for post-workout muscle recuperation purposes.

    Please be advised that Yamamoto Nutrition's "PeptoBol®" contains pure hydrolysed casein (PeptoPro®) and does not offer any additional flavouring nor artificial sweeteners for you to experience a maximized purity of the actual product. 

    If you wish to see more of our Yamamoto Nutrition products, please click the link here. To visit the manufacturer's own website, click the link here. 

    Yderligere information




    Dissolve 2 rounded scoops (25 grams) in water and take once a day.


    Allergen info:


    Contains milk product.




    Do not exeed the recommende daily dosage. Keep out of reach of young children. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute of a varied diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Do not use if pregnant, in children or for prolonged time without consulting a doctor.




    25 grams - 1 serving.

    500 grams - 1 container (20 servings).



    PeptoPro® hydrolyzed casein (from milk).

    Indhold (gram/ml/kapsler)500
    Serveringer pr beholder20
    Serverings Størrelse (Gram/ml/kapsler)25 gram
    Producent VarenummerN/A
    IngredienserPeptoPro® hydrolyseret casein (fra mælk).
    VejledningOpløs 2 afrundede skefulde (25 gram) i vand og indtag én gang dagligt.
    AdvarslerAllergen info:Indeholder mælkeprodukt.Særlige advarsler:Overskrid ikke den anbefalede daglige dosis. Opbevares utilgængeligt for små børn. Kosttilskud bør ikke bruges som en erstatning for en sund og varieret kost. En sund og varieret kost samt en sund livsstil er vigtige. Børn og gravide bør ikke bruge dette produkt, og produktet bør ej heller bruges over længere tid uden først at have konsulteret med en læge.
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