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Jan Tana - "Skin Prep" Exfoliant - Prepare For Tanning

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Jan Tana's "Skin Prep" exfoliant is the most important step to obtaining "the winning hi-definition color" when preparing for a physique contest. A great physique deserves the best possible tan for an outstanding shine on stage.

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    Jan Tana - "Skin Prep" Exfoliant

    The "Skin Prep" exfoliant by Jan Tana is the most important step to the "winning hi-definition color"

    The perfect exfoliant for the perfect tanning process.

    Jan Tana's "Skin Prep" exfoliant will ensure that you have a spa-like experience when using it. The product offers gentle massing beads as well as renewal and refinement of the skin for you to obtain the most extraoordinarily smooth skin and radiant color. "Skin Prep" balances the skin's pH-value, which is absolutely crucial when the goal is to achieve the perfect color to outshine the other competitiors on the day of the show. It is the most comprehensive preparation product for you to use on your skin to ensure a smooth and even application as well as a greater absorption of Hi-Definition Color. Furthermore, it has a delightful apricot scent. A great physique deserves the best possible preparation for the tanning process. If you want to ensure yourself the most smooth and comfortable tanning process on the competition day, do yourself a favor and choose the "Skin Prep" exfoliant by Jan Tana. 

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