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  • Iron Rebel - Prep Mode - Hoodie (Black Heather) Back Iron Rebel - Prep Mode - Hoodie (Black Heather) Back
  • Iron Rebel - Prep Mode - Hoodie (Black Heather) Front Iron Rebel - Prep Mode - Hoodie (Black Heather) Front

Iron Rebel - "Prep Mode" - Hooded Sweatshirt (Black Heather)

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A true classic when it comes to collaborative work between Iron Rebel and John "Mountain Dog" Meadows: Iron Rebel's "Prep Mode" hooded sweatshirt in Black Heather with the red "Prep Mode" skull logo on the front. It does not get more hardcore and to-the-point than this. 60% cotton and 40% polyester, athletic fit, true to size: comes in M - 2XL.

  • John Meadows signature print
  • 50% cotton 25% polyester 25% rayon
  • Soft and lightweight materials

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409,00 kr

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409,00 kr


Iron Rebel - "Prep Mode" - Hooded Sweatshirt

A Classic Iron Rebel x John "Mountain Dog" Meadows Collaboration is Back

Iron Rebel have been teaming up with renowned training and nutritional coach John "Mountain Dog" Meadows about a bunch of various clothing designs for quite a few years now, and John's signature "Prep Mode" skull has only been rising in popularity ever since the first one came out back in the day.

Now, Iron Rebel bring a truly classic and iconic design back and present to us the "Prep Mode" hooded sweatshirt. It is no different from what it was back in the day, except now it is up for grabs again. The materials remain 60% cotton and 40% polyester to make sure you experience maximum comfort and durability as well as an athletic fit that is sure to bring out the impressive contours of your physique.

The "Prep Mode" design by Iron Rebel and John "Mountain Dog" Meadows: the feeling of work ethic and power

Design-wise, we're dealing with a simple and to-the-point one: the iconic John "Mountain Dog" Meadows "Prep Mode" skull logo on top of a Black Heather base tone that graces the entire sweatshirt. It does not get any more basic, raw and full of attitude than this.

To have a look at our full line of Iron Rebel products, click here. If you wish to visit the manufacturer's own website, click here.

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