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BFR Bands - Double Wrap Occlusion Training Bands - For Legs & Calves

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BFR Bands' Double Wrap Occlusion Training Bands ® for legs & calves. 3" wide knee wrap style blood flow restriction bands. Super comfortable and durable design.

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    249,00 kr

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    BFR Bands - Double Wrap Occlusion Training Bands - For Legs & Calves

    3" wide knee wrap style blood flow restriction bands by BFR Bands

    Ideal for occlusion training of the legs and calves

    The "Double Wrap Occlusion Training Bands ®" by BFR Bands are 3" wide blood flow restriction bands that are specifically designed to provide the best possible blood flow restriction through the working limb to the targeted muscles. The bands serve their purpose by reducing oxygen supply to the muscles in order to pre-fatigue slow twitch muscle fibers and diminish the response they have to workout loads, but to enable fast twitch muscle fibers to respond quicker to training loads, ultimately resulting in lean muscle growth happening at a much faster pace.

    Clinical studies have shown that blood flow restriction training can increase muscle protein synthesis (MPS), NOS1 expression and mTOR signaling, which all culminates in increased amount of muscle growth. These studies have also shown that blood flow restriction training can boost muscle growth and enhance the muscle gain potentiel by reducing Myostatin concentrations (a protein that inhibits muscle cell growth and differentiation).

    The occlusion training bands by BFR Bands are intended to induce hypertrophy (muscle cell growth) at very low loads (approx. 10-30% of a 1RM load). When they are applied to working limbs and paired with loads of of around 10-30% of a 1RM (in other words: a lot of repetitions and very low rest until fatigue sets in), the results that can be seen are typically much like the ones that are achieved with 80% of 1RM loads. This means that anyone looking to gain lean muscle mass without necessarily lifting weights that are on the heavier side of their 1RM indeed can experience the benefits of using the "Double Wrap Occlusion Training Bands". 

    These are not only super comfortable but also extra strong training bands. They are furnished with a very strong and durable elastic strap and patent-pending double wrap hook & loop fastener design, making them incredibly easy to both strap up and release as soon as the exercise is completed. As mentioned, they are super comfortable on the working limb and can be applied to the upper thighs or calves. They should be paired with loads of 10-30% of a 1RM in order to achieve the lean muscle mass without lifting upwards of 80% of your 1RM.

    Whether you are training for bodybuilding or general fitness purposes, you can indeed experience the benefits of using the "Double Wrap Occlusion Bands" by BFR Bands.

     To have a look at our full line of BFR Bands products, click here. To visit the manufacturer's own website, click here.

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